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Annual Meeting of the AGD 2012

in Potsdam, October 12-13

Topic: From Genomes to Networks – New Developments in Complex Disease Analysis

Dear Friends and Members of the AGD,

Living organisms are very complex and understanding their organization and function as a whole is a challenge. After decades of accumulation of detailed knowledge about individual genes, proteins, and pathways, we can now tackle a more integrated understanding of the complexity of life. New technologies allow us to generate sufficient data to describe complex systems and their disturbances. Growing high performance computing resources pave the way to the required data integration. We are now challenged with using this enormous amount of information for new insight into the pathogenesis and new therapeutic or preventive strategies of complex diseases.

You are cordially invited to participate in the 2012 AGD meeting, held at Potsdam on October 12 and 13, 2012. The meeting will address the above issues in four sessions:

Session 1 - Data-rich technologies
Session 2 - What´s ahead? - Developments in IT & (bio)informatics
Session 3 - From genome sequencing to genome analysis
Session 4 - Systems biology and its impact on early diagnosis and disease stratification

The complete scientific program can be downloaded here.

From the presentations given at the meeting and from the discussions, we expect fruitful impulses for future developments, not only in research but also in our health care systems.

We are convinced that the meeting program is very attractive, and that the excellent speakers will manage to inspire you and your future work. The pleasant atmosphere of the “Seminaris SeeHotel Potsdam” and of its surroundings at the Templiner See is ideally suited for such a high-profile scientific meeting.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Potsdam.

Sincerely yours,

Rudi Balling
Chair, Program Committee
Peter Nürnberg
President, AGD e.V.
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