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Oct. 26/27, 2023

Welcome to Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gen-Diagnostik e.V.

AGD is a non-profit organization in Germany which is indicated by e.V. meaning charitable.

For most genetic diseases we now know the molecular cause. However, it still takes too many years to diagnose a patient with a rare disease.

We believe that the better informed the public is, the faster diseases can be diagnosed and thus treated.

The Association for Gene Diagnostics e. V. therefore aims to communicate the scientific findings of genome research, in particular through the exchange of ideas and technology, and to promote young scientists. The AGD is also concerned with ethical, legal and social problems that may arise from the application of molecular biological methods to humans.

Two instruments of the AGD are of particular importance in this regard, the annual conference and the GestaltMatcher project.

The AGD Annual Meeting is dedicated to topics that have particular potential to improve diagnostics and therapy. Since 2020, the AGD has held its annual conference virtually in addition to a face-to-face event, and releases the content to the general public.

GestaltMatcher is an artificial intelligence (AI) that can assist in differential diagnosis by analysing clinical text and image data, such as portrait photographs. GestaltMatcher is open source and the training data is curated by AGD.

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